Fade Away (Feat. The.Wav x Difion)

Bankrobber Projects

Feat. The.Wav x Difion

Music By:

Bastian Heerhorst x Sean Holland

Original Song Written By: Junior Byles

Video Directed By: Stephen Rutterford

Video Produced By:

Jenita Spirtovic for Starfish

Cover Art: Sajjad of Stop 1


A reimagining of the Channel One Studios Rocker Classic ‘Fade Away’ by Junior Byles backed by ‘Stereo Fade’ on the flip; deep depths from dance. There is no other song that speaks simple truth and warning to the times we are living through today, even if that voice comes from 45 years ago. We tread careful in this reimagining as you must do when you version a classic.

We also want to be sure to call out our video influences straight away, show respect to where we’re coming from.. Next is Glenn O’ Brien and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s movie Downtown 81, the sound and vision of downtown NYC in the early 80s. You may also catch a hint of Jim Jarmusch’s urban samurai classic Ghost Dog. It was Jarmusch who said “Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul.” On the flip you may even hear a little influence from all time great, Jamaican dancehall producer, Dave Kelly. Too many hits to mention

The.Wav x Difion are two breaking writers, singers and producers. Originally hailing from Tanzania and Jamaica they bring a new depth and authenticity to the reimagining of this classic, taking it to new places.