Directed By: Luke Rathborne

Produced By: Sean Holland

Music By: Acrylic Afternoons

“Lasting progress can only be built on deep and enduring foundations. When a solid foundation is laid, if the mason is able and his materials good, a strong house can be built.” – Haile Selassie

Bankrobber HQ sits in a Brooklyn neighborhood populated by as many cement trucks as people. These trucks own the neighborhood, laying foundations around New York City every day. They may pause, but they don’t stop. This video serves to highlight, and celebrate, the importance of FOUNDATIONS, in all their grit and glory. 

Neighborhoods everywhere change but the story stays the same and it’s become even more glaringly obvious today. Without solid foundations, over time, or perhaps very very quickly, everything crumbles. The roof falls down, traditional structures crack and collapse, free-standing objects start to sway, indiscriminately.

Bankrobber Projects presents these cement trucks as protagonists, our daily reminder of the importance of strong foundations, in the midst of accelerated decay. They beg the question; going forward, what foundation will you lay, and what do you build upon it?