Reflect Before Sending

A Bankrobber Project


The.Wav + Difion + J. Starfish

+ The Dougness

Music Produced By:

Bastian Heerhorst x Sean Holland

Cover Art: Sajjad of Stop 1


It came about like this. We always tell our clients to do cool sh**. Things that speak to them and for them. So we decided to put our money where our mouth was. ‘Reflect Before Sending’ is the product of that thinking.  

With a little time on our hands in 2020 we put an album together, a mixtape of sorts, that stems directly from our own tagline; ‘Originality is Simply Well Laundered Inspiration.’ The album features four cover songs all taken in new directions, a Channel One Rockers Classic, two important (IMO) house music records, and Drive, by The Cars, to drive you home. And there’s three originals all calling on similar touchpoints. Yuh feel it?   

“Mirrors should reflect before sending an image” – Jean-Luc Godard