BASEMNT | Senses

Artists: STOP1 x 8thflr, Selena Ayala, Rodin Hamidi, Joaquin E. Jutt, Miguel Fingr

Directors: Bassam Tariq, Ricky Staub, Filipe Zapelini & Douglas Bernardt, Crystal Kayiz, Jake Oleson
Presented by: STOP1 Basemnt
When: Thursday 9/29/19

The Basemnt and Stop 1 collaborated to present a group show of multidisciplinary artists pushing the boundaries of their mediums beyond traditional walls. Socio-politics, power structure, and identity filtered through the five senses. – Kwame of the Basemnt “A showcase for local artist and filmmakers” + Sajjad of Stop 1 “A new medium for inner-city culture”