Date: July, 2019

City: New York City

Fueled By: Naengmyeon

After a long day shooting an upcoming video for CJ America there was simply no other answer except head straight to K-town for an ice cold bowl of Naengmyeon. If you don’t know Naengmyeon you need to. Cold noodles in a tangy broth of ice chips topped with thinly sliced vegetables, korean pear, pickled radish and gochujang. It beats the heat.

Super 대박

Late night, K-town NYC, summertime. Fueled only by a cold bowl of naengmyeon and an even colder bottle of OB. It increasingly feels like anything is possible, super daebak, until it’s my turn to sing at the norebang. No matter what it is, or how spicy the food, i’m never able to hit the high note in Minnie Ripperton’s ‘Loving You’. Can anyone really?


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