Digital apps are even more fun in real life.

Client: Waze
Year: 2018
Location: Los Angeles, CA
What we did: Experiential Design, Event Production, On-site Management

Waze Local was seeking to help small businesses understand the value of being featured in their app. They had a lock on functionality and being incredibly useful to every one of its customers. But small businesses didn’t always understand the value of being featured, and didn’t see Waze as their partner.

We sprang into action to bring an experience to life during Small Business Week that featured a local taqueria. We created a real-life Waze pin, helpfully held up by a drone, and drove customers to experience the delicious food and music they had to offer. 

The result was a real-life manifestation of the value that Waze brings all small businesses—visibility and discoverability. Not to mention introducing a new group of customers to some excellent tacos.