Netflix x Becky G

Client: Netflix

Show: La Casa De Papel

Year: 2021

What we did: Concepting, Music Supervision, Production

Song Production: Stephen “Di Genius” MacGregor @digenius1

Video Production: Starfish @starfishprojects

Director: Meg Gámez @meggamez

Executive Producer: Jenita Spirtovic @crystalmetheny

Creative: Laura ‘Jumpsuit’ Wasson & Jake Wilhelmsen

There’s a musical motif that underpins the whole narrative of La Casa De Papel, ‘Bella Ciao’. It’s a 19th century Italian protest folk song that became an anthem of the anti-fascist resistance in italy during WWII. In the show the song sums op the motivation of El Profesor; Resistance.

We brought this feeling of resistance to life again with Becky G with a healthy dose of celebration to mark the fifth and final season of the series.